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Sky Academy was established by Dr. S.K. Agrawal on 21st of August, 2006 with the vision to provide "A Place Where Career Is Built". The academy has to its credit a long list of outstanding results year after year since its establishment.

In I.S.C. 2006 examinations :-
Vishakha Chaudhary scored 100 in accountancy
Chitwan Agarwal scored 100 in accountancy

In C.A. P.E. -I examinations of 2006 :-
Shilpi Kheria -AIR 25 *

In C.A. CPT Feb. 2007 examinations :-
Aditi Kanodia - AIR 25 *
Abhishek Jain - AIR 26 *
Aditya Gupta - AIR 28 *

In November, 2007 C.A. P.E. - II examinations :-
Shilpi Kheria - AIR 17*
Kajal Agarwal - AIR 20*
Jharna Gupta - AIR 21*
Nikunj Mantry - AIR 24*

In May 2008, C.A. Final Examinations :-
Abhishek Maheshwari - AIR 48*

In January 2009, Jharna Gupta, was awarded Sri. Sultan Chand Memorial Silver Medal by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, for her outstanding performance in Nov. 2007 examinations in the subject of accountancy.

In I.S.C. 2009 examinations :-
Ankita Pawa, scored 100 in accountancy
Suchi Gupta, scored 100 in accountancy
Deepak Toshniwal, scored 100 in accountancy.

In May 2010, C.A. P.C.C. examinations :-
Kanika Jain - AIR 31*
Shriyansh Jain - AIR 42*
Rashi Agarwal - AIR 48*

In May 2011, C.A. I.P.C.C. examinations :-
Sanjana Maiwall - AIR 29*
In May 2013 C.A. I.P.C Examinations Ankur Khanna and Aditya Longani scored AIR 36* and AIR 43* respectively

More than 5000 students have passed out from the academy in the past five years of its establishment in different courses (11th, 12th, B.Com, C.A.) and the tradition is still being continued

In ISC 2013 examination :-
Anukampa Agrawal scored 100 in accountancy Akansha Gupta scored 100 in accountancy Shrey Agarwal scored 100 in accountancy Shruti Agarwal scored 100 in accountancy

In May 2013, C.A. - I.P.C. examinations :- Ankur Khanna

Many of the eminent dignitaries have encouraged and motivated us over the past 10 years through their association :

Year 2006 : Inauguration of Academy
Special Guests on the day - Shri. Ajay Kapoor Ji (MLA, Kanpur) | Shri. Satish Mahana Ji (MLA, Kanpur) | Shri. Salil Vishnoi Ji (MLA, Kanpur) | Mr. Mahesh Meghani Ji (President, Sindhi Samaj, Kanpur) | Dr. Shyam Babu Gupta Ji, Ex- Convener, Kanpur University | Dr. B.M. Agrawal Ji, Renowned Teacher & others.

Year 2008 - Shri Ravindra Patni Ji , Mayor Kanpur City | Shri Ashok Kumar Singh Ji, SSP Kanpur

Year 2009 - Shri Bhanu Pratap Singh Ji, I.G. Kanpur

Year 2010 - Shri Shri Prakash Jaiswal Ji, Cabinet Minster | Shri Gokhran Singh Bhadauria Ji, Member, U.P. Congress Committee | Shri Rohit Kohli Ji, Chairman , U.P. Trade Association | Dr. Shyam Babu Gupta Ji, Ex- Convener, Kanpur University

Year 2011 - Mrs. Ritu Maheshwari Ji, KESCO M.D. | Shri Rajesh Rai Ji, D.I.G. Kanpur Range

Year 2012 - Shri Piyush Anand Ji, I.G. Kanpur Range | Shri Shiv Kumar Beria Ji, Minister of State Cabinet | C.A. Dharmendra Srivastava (Eminent Chartered Accountant, First Recipient of Shri Banarsi Das Agrawal Memorial Award)

Year 2013 - Shri R.K. Chaturvedi, D.I.G. Kanpur Range | Dr. B.M. Agrawal, (Veteran Teacher, Recipient of Shri Banarsi Das Agrawal Memorial Award) | Shri Raju Srivastava Ji, (Famous Stand Up Comedian)

Year 2014 - Shri Ashutosh Pandey Ji, I.G. Kanpur Range | Dr. Shyam Babu Gupta Ji, (Ex- Convener, Kanpur University, Ex- Principal- V.S.S.D. College, Recipient of Shri Banarsi Das Agrawal Memorial Award) | Dr. R.N. Trivedi, (H.O.D., DAV College, Veteran Teacher, Recipient of Shri Banarsi Das Agrawal Memorial Award) | Ratan Singh Rathore Ji, (Bollywood Actor from Kanpur) | Rajiv Nigam Ji, (Famous Stand Up Comedian & Winner of The Laughter Challenge)

Year 2016 - Mr. Avinash Singh, ADM Kanpur City | Ms. Subhashini Ali, (Ex- M.P., Recipient of Shri Banarsi Das Agrawal Memorial Award) | Dr. I.M. Rohatgi, (President of Merchantsí Chambers of U.P., Recipient of Shri Banarsi Agrawal Memorial Award)

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